About Seremban Pools

Welcome to Seremban Pools and thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to one of the biggest Asia Lottery and one of the most popular lottery sites today. Seremban Pools is a lottery company registered in Seremban since 2001, Seremban Pools has been serving customers globally and since 2012, Seremban Pools operates online with the use of the service over the web to enable customers to monitor the results of the lottery drawing result. In summary BP is an entertainment company that serves its customers with a service that is constantly being upgraded in order to maintain customer relations and trust.

Seremban Pools, is engaged in the country and the social welfare is full of influential industry, but also trusted by consumers and look forward to continued efforts to enhance the community's trust and goodwill lottery industry, so that love and charity lottery passed to every corner of Asia . Seremban Pools for the community to provide a variety of lottery products, through professional and sophisticated expectations of lottery sales pipeline, widely called the participation of the community, in addition to continuing to help the Government improve and enrich the lottery industry projects outside the government lottery surplus, Lottery winners who also share the love fundraising and actively contribute to the community, so that lottery "to buy lottery tickets, do public service, product merit." into a cycle of love and goodness, people can buy lottery through the community to contribute to a effort.


Integrity – We do the right thing Each of us is responsible for the highest standards of conduct. We are honest, trustworthy, respectful, fair and ethical in all our actions. We comply with laws, regulations and company policies.


Recognized as the best performing and innovative leader in the lottery industry worldwide, it is also a trusted and trusted partner of the country.